Feet and Menopause

The hot flushes have started, fatigue is a daily companion, your skin is dryer than it was, you’ve started forgetting what you just said or did, you are beginning to feel…..  well…. un-lovely and un-lovable.  MENOPAUSE!!  It comes to every woman, and the more stressed she is, the worse the symptoms.

Some fly through it, some need to be dragged …..  There is prescription medicine for those who want it, but many prefer to find some more natural alternative to help them through one of the most trying times of their lives.

At Footnotes, we know that Reflexology can definitely help, as it is a great hormone balancer.  With work on the Endocrine system, Kidneys and Liver, reflexology can help you get through this stage of life a little easier.

Please contact me on 0402 350516 for an appointment.

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